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Family therapy sessions help family members make specific, positive changes to improve the home environment as well as heal relationships within the family unit.

Family Therapy – Addiction Therapists On Long Island

Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment
Families who struggle with addiction problems experienced by a member of the family can benefit significantly from family education and counseling therapies with a licensed therapist. These therapies are designed to help both the individual and their loved ones heal from addiction by structuring an interpersonal support network while receiving intensive therapeutic treatment services. Family education and counseling with a therapist also aims to improve unhealthy interactions between family members by teaching effective communication skills and techniques, helping the family reach a better level of understanding of their individual needs, and repair any damages caused by previous confrontations or conflicts between family members.

It is crucial for families to get the help they need from family education and counseling services, as the negative effects of drug and alcohol addiction can often dismantle a healthy family structure.

Drug and alcohol addiction can cause a multitude of psychological and physical problems in the family such as: enabling (helping the addicted family member feed or continue their addiction either intentionally or unintentionally), domestic fights and verbal abuse and other related issues. Although the person who is addicted or abusing substances is often against the idea of seeking professional help, family members can encourage or motivate the person by seeking help and support from treatment programs, interventions, or look into treatment options to show the individual that they care and believe recovery is possible. It’s important to take action and seek addiction treatment before a crisis such as a fatal overdose or severe health complications occurs.

Family Counseling Program

Long Island Center for Recovery family counseling program aims to:

  • Increase family communication, thereby increasing client motivation for recovery
  • Help loved ones realize that the client’s substance use disorder is intertwined with problems in the family and that their support is needed in the treatment
  • Identify and change negative family patterns that work against recovery
  • Prepare family members for what to expect in early recovery
  • Prepare family members for what to expect in early recovery
  • Help family members address feelings of anger, shame, and guilt and resolve issues relating to trust and intimacy
  • Encourage family members to obtain long-term support

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