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One-on-one therapy helps recovering clients understand the cause of their addiction.

Individual Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Individual therapy is a common therapeutic approach utilized in our Long Island based inpatient addiction treatment programs. Also known as Psychotherapy, talk therapy, or counseling, therapists in the field utilize this therapy is specifically designed to help individuals identify, understand and learn how to solve issues that are related to their substance abuse and addiction. The overall focus of individual therapy is to help individuals make positive behavioral changes using newly learned skills and coping strategies to avoid relapse. In general, psychotherapy is often more effective than the harmful side effects of psychotropic drugs or medical treatments.

Initial individual addiction treatment therapy usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and as the program comes to an end. As the inpatient program comes to an end, we refer to other outpatient settings, where individuals can gradually taper off sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, eventually reducing the sessions to monthly meetings to ensure prevention of potential relapse.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Our therapeutic sessions are conducted by licensed staff who are experienced in engaging recovering individuals in private therapy. Our individual psychotherapy sessions aim to provide:

  • A highly personalized tool to help the recovering individual understand why he or she used drugs to self-medicate
  • Treatment to address psychological problems linked to drug use, such as co-occurring disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions/disorders that need to be addressed in order to maintain sobriety after addiction treatment)
  • A thorough understanding on the role that drugs play in managing high-stress situations, intense feelings and moods that led to drug-use as a coping method
  • Methods for self-assessment and gaining the skills needed to remain abstinent for the long term
  • Help to clarify strategies and techniques learned in group therapy sessions
  • More time and freedom to talk about private issues that the individual may feel is too sensitive to discuss in group therapy

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