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Healing the body through proper nutrition, rather than just treating the disease, can increase the recovering individual’s chances at not only recovery, but also a healthy life.

Nutritional Counseling in Addiction Recovery

Nutrition is fully entwined in the process of addiction and recovery, as addiction often depletes the body from  nutrients  that are  responsible for providing energy  to the body  and strength to the immune system. Nutrition-based  counseling provides the support and educational services that  individuals  in recovery  need to play an active role in helping their bodies heal from addiction. We at Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) believe that by educating clients about their dietary needs and the choices available to supplement those needs, it will help individuals make informed dietary-decisions long after they have completed treatment.

The Goals of LICR’s Nutritional Counseling

Our therapeutic sessions are conducted by licensed staff who are experienced in engaging recovering individuals in private therapy. Our individual psychotherapy sessions aim to provide:

  • Present the client with essential nutritional information related to substance addiction
  • Help prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies
  • Help clients make healthy dietary choices

Depending on the client’s particular needs, Nutritional Counseling sessions may also include educational information on food addiction and emotional eating.

In addition to the efforts of our nutritional counselors, clients  attending residential  treatment have the opportunity to experience healthy meals prepared daily by our in-house chef. These meals often offer plentiful amounts of protein, dietary fibers and complex carbs that take longer to digest, therefore providing more stable sources of energy to avoid the cravings for sugar.

At LICR, we are committed to providing our clients with the most recent and effective information available on how nutrition can be used to support the client’s therapeutic addiction recovery efforts. But, as you know, nutrition is a science that is constantly evolving and every person has unique dietary requirements that vary based on their ability to absorb, transport, and digest nutrients. In addition, each person’s metabolism depends on a wide range of individualized factors such as genetic background, age, environment, activity level, food choices, and allergies. Besides all the variables, making the connection between addiction and nutrition, and following basic nutritional guidelines, is essential for a lifelong lasting recovery.

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