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Meth Cut With MSM – Are There Hidden Dangers?

Are There Hidden Dangers When Meth Is Cut With MSM

The use of crystal meth as a recreational substance is a highly dangerous and risk activity. Those afflicted with meth addiction will seek help, treatment, and freedom they deserve when the time is right, however, clients seeking meth addiction treatment have asked what the dangers are from use of meth that has been cut with other substances, particularly the substance most commonly used to cut meth, MSM. This article and the information it contains will look to help those individuals on their way to seeking a better life through sobriety.


What Is MSM?

Methylsulfonylmethane, or more readily known as MSM, is a chemical most commonly used as an additive in supplements focused on joint health, pain relief, reduced inflammation, and immunity boosters. MSM is a sulfur-based compound that can be naturally found in both plants and animals.


Why Is MSM Used To Cut Crystal Meth?

The cutting process unfortunately is a commonly used method in nearly all illegal drug manufacturing. The reasoning for cutting drugs in general is so those selling can make more of a profit by having less of the valuable drugs in a given supply and ‘cutting’ the rest with filler that is less expensive, and a sound imitation of the drug itself in looks and appearance. This is why MSM is most commonly used to cut crystal meth. It is easily passible as a white crystalline powder that can be mixed in with actual meth before cooling and recrystallization process, and appearing as pure crystal meth.


How Do You Know if Meth Is Cut With MSM?

It is very difficult to tell if crystal meth has been cut with MSM or not, however, there are a few commonalities distinctive to MSM that stand out in the finished product. A crystal with MSM should be much stronger, if you can’t easily crush the crystal with your fingers then it has likely been cut with MSM or some other additive. Some less apparent ways of detection include smell and taste, with most clients reporting a distinctive flavor or strong aroma coming off once burned. The last is the feel of the crystals, which with MSM may come off as sticky or wet in feel and texture.


What Are The Dangers Of Meth Cut With MSM?

As mentioned, clients are concerned that their meth has been cut with substances that put them at greater risk, and they should be. In terms of MSM, there is no additional danger that’s presented from consuming this specific cutting agent, but the fact that you will never know what is truly being consumed is an added risk that makes every occasion with crystal meth a life-threatening one. MSM is one cutting agent but meth has also been known to be cut with lithium metals, hydrochloric acid, iodine, red phosphorus, and even fentanyl. You are truly never safe when using crystal meth.

We hope this information was helpful in understanding more about crystal meth, and the cutting process with MSM. If you or a loved one needs any additional assistance with addiction treatment services, please reach out to Long Island Center for Recovery at 631-728-3100, and we’d be happy to assist you or your loved ones in any way possible.


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