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Addiction treatment for substance abuse often requires medical detox prior to starting an  inpatient  addiction treatment programThe need for detox is determined through a comprehensive assessment performed by our in-house medical team right here at our inpatient detox facility in Long Island, NY. After this assessment a counseling session is setup with the client, as well as the loved ones involved and authorized by the patient, to discuss the course of the treatment which may or may not include detox.

Frequently asked questions from clients seeking services at the drug and alcohol detox facility at Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR).

What are the steps to an admission at Long Island Center for Recovery?

  1. Call our facility at (800) 344.5427Your initial call to Long Island Center for Recovery allows one of our intake staff to understand the type and the severity of your addiction. All calls are confidential.
  2. Preliminary assessment will be completed over the phone.
  3. Once determined that our facility is the right fit for you, we will take further information regarding your insurance and discuss the details of your treatment including admission start date at our Drug and Alcohol Rehab facility on Long Island, NY. We understand that addiction treatment can’t wait and we will strive to get each and every client started into the program as soon as possible, often within 24 hours of your initial phone call.
  4. Clients who are admitted into our inpatient rehabilitation program will be assisted in making the necessary arrangements regarding their current commitments, including the logistics of those commitments such as: transportation, family liaison, EAP/Union, and pending Court issues when necessary. We want to ensure that you start the program completely distraction free.

When is detox necessary?

Detox is necessary when harmful chemical toxins accumulate in the body after the prolonged use of drugs or alcohol. Once the consumption or the intake of drugs or alcohol stops, the existence of these toxins in the body causes mild to severe reactions called withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms in turn can cause the individual to relapse or experience dangerous physical or mental reactions. Detoxification flushes out chemical toxins from the body allowing the individual to be able to achieve both physical and mental stabilization before starting their recommended addiction treatment program.

How long does detox take?

In general, a typical detox usually lasts 7 days. Factors that determine length of the detox include the type of the substances used, the amount of substances taken and how well the body is able to eliminate the toxins.

How is detox performed?

In a professional addiction treatment settings such as the facility at Long Island Center for Recovery, detox is performed in 3 stages: evaluation, stabilization, and preparation for treatment. Evaluation involves testing the individual’s body for substances circulating their bloodstream and how much of it. In the evaluation, health practitioners also check for any potential co-occurring disorders or mental/behavioral problems. Next is stabilization, where the individual begins the detox process with the assistance of medical practitioners who help manage withdrawal symptoms with or without medications, proper dieting and hydration. Finally, preparation for treatment helps the individual to fully engage in the recovery process

Does my insurance cover medical detox?

Commonly medical detoxification services are covered by major insurance carriers. Please call us at (800) 344.5427 for a brief assessment and our Admissions Department can verify on your behalf all the benefits that are available to you. While coverage for other addiction treatment services varies, we do provide an array of services that are covered by insurance. Private pay options are available as well.

Long Island Center for Recovery is here to help you through this time of need. If you have any questions, please reach out to our local drug and alcohol detox facility today, and learn more about our specific services for alcohol detox or heroin detox in Long Island, NY.

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