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Heroin Detox Center & Treatment Services in Long Island, NY

If you or a loved one is in need of a heroin detox center, and heroin treatment services in Long Island, NY, LICR (Long Island Center for Recovery) can be a good fit for you. We provide individualized and comprehensive addiction treatment for men and women, 18 years and older, who are seeking intensive treatment to address their substance dependency for a variety of addictions as well as heroin addictions.

Accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO), LICR provides heroin detox through our heroin inpatient treatment program/facility, which offers an array of individualized therapeutic services. Our heroin detox and rehab treatment plans are effective and results oriented.

Our Story

LICR’s history is quite unique. It started in the late 1980’s when our founder, Jack Hamilton, propelled by his hope for life and his strong belief in addicts helping other addicts, felt the he need to do something to help others who were struggling with addiction. By bringing addicts home, providing them shelter, meals, and guidance through the facilitation of AA and NA meetings, Jack started a dynamic and lively recovery community in New York that resulted in bringing Narcotics Anonymous meetings to local NY communities.

In 1995 Jack, alongside another specialized addiction treatment professional who shared the same vision of compassion he had, established Long Island Center for Recovery. Now that you know more about our background, we hope you understand why we strongly feel we are different from other drug rehab facilities. Our principal goal has always been to help as many individuals as possible to find their path to recovery and long lasting sobriety, and this is no different with our heroin detox patients.

In your search for heroin detox center, and addiction treatment services on Long Island you have found LICR, a treatment center that provides the medically supervised detox required for detoxification from addictive drugs such as heroin and offers the long term behavioral therapeutic treatment that is needed to maintain the sobriety afterward. It is proven that completing an all-inclusive heroin detox with inpatient rehab program, the chances of achieving recovery and long term sobriety is greatly increased.

We at Long Island Center for Recovery welcome you and your loved ones to visit our rehab center and decide for yourself if we are a the caring and the professional facility that can help you with your heroin detox and addiction treatment. We only ask to please schedule your visit in advance so that someone is assigned to show you around and answer your questions. If you are a family member with a loved one in our facility, we encourage you to be actively involved in your loved one’s recovery through our family therapy program. This therapeutic service is offered to assist family and loved ones to create a supportive and healthy recovery environment for all affected by the disease of addiction. In our family sessions through interaction with a professional mediator, family members learn how to identify co-dependency behaviors, trauma and mood disorders that impact the family system in negative ways.

We are hopeful we will not only be the heroin detox facility of your choice but, with our various specialized therapy plans, to be the ultimate path to your successful recovery.

Wishing you and yours the best on your journey to recovery.

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