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Inpatient Rehab Center Long Island, New York for Drug & Alcohol

Inpatient Addiction Treatment on Long Island

Inpatient addiction treatment, also known as residential addiction treatment is offered at Long Island Center for Recovery for clients in need of intense treatment program or one that is in a controlled environment. Admission into the Long Island, NY inpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol addiction is often recommended to clients who have a moderate to severe addiction problem. The Long Island, NY Inpatient drug rehab can last around 30 (the most common length of stay) days, and many clients admitted to this program often undergo a period of detoxification first.

As part of our Inpatient Rehab program in Long Island, NY, each client receives a custom-tailored recovery plan that is designed to address his or her specific treatment needs.  In addition to the regimented daily therapies, the experience of homemade food and scheduled recreational activities provide further connections to the normal life that each client was once accustomed to. The dietary needs of our clients are overseen by a dietitian who follows nutritional guidelines that aim to rebuild and heal the malnourished body. Additionally, recreational activities which are integrated into the client’s daily therapeutic treatment schedule provide teamwork, responsibility, dependability and trust building practices that are important in any successful recovery. Recreational activities may range from sports to supervised outings. ** All activities are subject to approval of the primary therapist in charge, traffic and weather conditions and other circumstances that impact such activities.

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Benefits of Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab at Long Island Center for Recovery

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab has numerous benefits over outpatient rehab; one of them is the provision of a structured safe haven where individuals in recovery can focus on themselves and the long road ahead. Residential rehab removes stressors and distractions from the lives of individuals who are in recovery, keeping them away from destructive environments such as bars, drug-using friends, drug dealers, family problems and career. Another benefit of attending an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility is the availability of addiction treatment personnel on a 24 hour-basis where educational and counseling services are delivered daily, supporting an intensive therapeutic treatment. For recovering individuals who require detox, the most appreciated benefit of all is the safety and comfort of our on-premises monitored medical detox, where medications are adjusted when needed and clients are directed to therapeutic counseling within a few days.

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