First of all, I just want to THANK YOU for your patience, as we navigate this new and evolving territory.  We are looking forward to re-opening on April 30th, with a very slow and methodical admission process, in order to maintain safety for us all. Hopefully, this memo will answer some questions you may have.

A maximum of 4 clients will be admitted at a time, all tested for COVID-19, and placed on a mandatory quarantine, until their respective results come back. The attached document shows the guidelines LICR will have in place for clients to adhere to, as they are admitted.  Once their test results come back negative, clients will enter into the community for regular programming.  Should anyone’s results come back positive, he/she will continue quarantine for the rest of their stay, for detox only.

Both male and female units will be open. Our max census will be of 34 clients until further notice, in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

In general, the treatment environment at LICR will be making some necessary adjustments for safety.  Mask compliance will be mandatory for staff and clients during all times of day, except for mealtimes, which will now be staggered, limiting occupancy to 1 to a table.

Clients will be encouraged to be brought in by friends or family members, for the safety of our drivers, and to assist with the admissions screening process: i.e. if a potential client displays respiratory symptoms or a fever, they will be asked to go home with their friend or family member who drove them; OR if a potential client is too intoxicated to understand and/or adhere to our mandatory safety protocols, they will also be asked to go home with their friend or family member.

We will continue to clean the facility daily and use extra measures to keep the environment sanitized.

We will continue to enforce a no-visitor policy, however, we will be offering more teletherapy options to include family members and referents in treatment.

For the time being, we will not be able to admit clients who are insulin-dependent, have severe autoimmune deficiencies, or have severe asthma.

I appreciate working with you all and look forward to providing some great treatment to our clients during this trying time. We have an overwhelming waitlist of people in need and are looking forward to helping them.  Any questions or for referrals, please contact us.

Admissions 631-728-3100, or a PR staff at one of the following:

Yours Truly,

Shawn Hamilton, CEO


1. I agree with all medical testing for COVID-19.

2. I agree to stay on the “Quarantine Unit” until a confirmed negative test result is received. This may take up to 5 days.

3. I agree to wear a mask at all times. The only exception will be when I am alone in my bedroom.

4. I agree to remain in my bedroom at all times, except during designated outside time. This will be provided at least 1 time daily.

5. I understand there will be at least 1 staff member on the “Quarantine Unit” at all times to assist me.

6. I understand all medications, medical assessments, and meals will be provided to me inside my quarantine room.

7. I understand there is no onsite visitation offered during this treatment stay (even after quarantine is over), but that the facility is equipped for scheduled video conferencing with my family/sober supports for the purpose of including them in my treatment.

8. If I test positive for COVID-19, I agree to remain in quarantine until the completion of my detox protocol and I am medically cleared to go home.

9. I understand that if I do not follow these quarantine rules I will be immediately discharged for the safety of the clients and staff.