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Adderall Addiction

How Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) Treats Adderall Addiction

Adderall addiction treatment begins with medically supervised detox. Some believe or have heard that stimulants do not require medically assisted treatment and detoxification, however, the physical separation of Adderall addiction, like many other stimulants, can lead to debilitating withdrawals. With that in mind, the standard for clients seeking Adderall addiction treatment go through the proper tapering off detox for at least 5-7days.

Even during the detox period, clients are encouraged to join group sessions and individual meetings at our inpatient treatment facility. Adderall withdrawals is an adjustment period, but it helps to have the support of others who are going through the same or similar experiences to share in positive outputs and focus towards a successful sobriety.

We ease clients into integrated forms of counseling that help to enhance motivation for sobriety, address underlying issues contributing to their addiction, cope with cravings, and manage any lasting effects of their chronic use.

Additional Recommended Therapies For Adderall Addiction Treatment

Beyond the group and individual sessions, Adderall addiction clients are also recommended to take advantage of the following holistic approaches:

Cravings for Adderall in the post-acute withdrawal phase can be intense, with symptoms of depression, disrupted sleep patterns, fatigue, and for individuals with long standing ADHD, the potential return of their ADHD symptoms. By adding these body-relaxation strategies and communication skills clients will learn how best to manage their symptoms without the dependence of Adderall.

Frequently asked questions from clients seeking Adderall treatment at Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR)

Is Adderall An Addictive Substance?

Yes. It is an old belief that Adderall and other stimulants are non-addictive substances, but this is not the case. Anyone who is dependent on Adderall and feel its reaches a point where the effects are taking away from their life, rather than contributing to it, should seek treatment.

Does Adderall Addiction Require Detox?

There is no FDA approved medication to treat Adderall addiction, but withdrawal effects still exist, so patients may be prescribed medications during detox to ease their discomfort.

How Long is the Inpatient Treatment Program for Clients with Adderall Addiction?

For clients of Adderall addiction, LICR recommends a full stay of 28 days to institute all the tools and activities for future sobriety as well as safely monitored detoxification.

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