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Recreational therapy promotes wellness helping recovering individuals restore their lives by developing activities and learning abilities they never imagined they possessed.

Recreational Counseling in Addiction Recovery

Recreational Counseling at Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) plays an important role in addiction treatment. It encourages clients to participate in the treatment’s recreational therapeutic activities and helps them to develop their own recreational pattern. Participating in recreational activities at Long Island Center for Recovery may involve a combination of both physical fitness and leisure activities. Together these recreational therapeutic activities can have a profound impact on cognitive abilities, transforming not only the body but also the mind. While physical exercise can help rebuild brain cells, improve mood, boost energy, promote sleep and relieve tension, leisure activities are also known to help individuals develop social skills, increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Our recreational activities often aid our therapists in gaining an insight into client behavior, helping the therapist develop a more encompassing recovery program that will address the individual’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.The goal of LICR’s recreational counseling therapy is to help clients develop their own plan for recreational activities with achievable scalable goals that will serve as a guideline for their new healthy lifestyle. We believe that by providing this valuable complementary therapy clients are better equipped to follow through with their intentions and be better prepared to overcome challenges.

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