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Additional Holistic/Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies are an integral part of the Long Island Center for Recovery’s addiction treatment programs. This treatment approach involves the utilization of art, music, and writing. The theory behind the utilization of these therapies is that as we are all unique individuals, we all have different expressive and relaxation styles. Introducing alternative therapies to addiction treatment adds a unique dimension to our rehab program and provides a safe outlet for clients to express and find relief for their painful emotions.

Benefits of Alternative Therapies in Addiction Treatment

When therapists are able to include these therapies in addiction treatment they give their recovering clients a medium where they can:

  • lower stress and anxiety levels
  • discover and face their personal problems
  • develop introspection, self-awareness and coping skills
  • lessen the shame of addiction
  • develop social skills
  • process narratives
  • build identity and ego strength
  • decrease denial of addiction

For additional information about the Alternative Therapies offered within our addiction treatment programs, please contact us.

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