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10 signs of addiction

10 Signs Of Addiction

The complex of addiction is vast. In truth, a person can become addicted to just about anything. If a strong physical or psychological urge persists towards a particular act or action, despite its effects, then we have addiction, and it presents it’s self in a multitude of ways; substance use disorder, gambling addiction, internet addiction, shopping addiction, food addiction, exercise addiction, the list continues and continues. Addiction is not a one size fits all condition…far from it, but there are general signs that present themselves across many of these forms of addiction. Long Island Center for Recovery reviewed these signs of addiction and landed on the following list for the top 10 signs of addiction.

The basis for our list is not to suggest any weight of affliction or dangers these drugs and substance inflict, all forms of abuse provide each individual their own impact, but the list simply follow’s the amount of American’s afflicted based on a variety of sources.

10 Signs Of Addiction

#1. Cravings

Whether it’s within yourself or within others, cravings can be a tell-tale sign towards the onset of addiction. Cravings present themselves as intense urges for consumption/activity; and are typically brought on by varying cues and triggers.

#2. Increased Tolerance

Whatever the habit, acts of addiction produce a response, a feeling within the individual. A sign of addiction can be as simple as noticing you need more than you used to, in order to get the same effects. With substance abuse, increased tolerance may seem simple, but with other addictions like gambling, tolerance may come in the form of needed to place more bets or larger amounts to feel the same joy or excitement associated.

#3. Preoccupations/Obsessions

Harder for an outsider or loved one to pick up on, but a sign that addiction exists when you notice you are planning your days, hours, and minutes around the addictive act. It matters so much that your mind has prioritized the addiction.

#4. Financial Problems

All these signs work in tandem, compounding and feeding off each other, but as prioritizing and increased needs, demanding more of these addictive habits typically take a financial toll. Financial problems occur, but if you can take the time to think on what has changed to cause these struggles, and it connects to a habit or substance, making life harder or more strenuous then is needed? That can likely be associated with addiction.

#5. Loss of Interest

Even with financial strains present, addiction is a condition, and without treatment most addicted clients will find a way to continue. Especially because other areas of their life matter less and less. The addiction becomes the priority and elements of their lives that used to fill them up with joy and interest just don’t seem to matter as much.

#6. Neglect

It’s not just positive activities that get pushed to the wayside, eventually addicted clients notice that they push away other responsibilities, furthering the prioritization of their addiction.

#7. Risk Taking

Beyond the financial strains potentially caused as a product of addiction, a sign can also be advanced risky behavior. These behaviors can either be associated directly with the addiction or not, but rather tends to be associated with behaviors outside the individual’s typical norm with potentially detrimental effects.

#8. Secrecy

Being secretive is another evident sign of addiction. Individuals typically keep secrets because they know they acts they are committing are wrong in some way shape or form, but with addiction they are unable to stop.

#9. Inability to Stop

Even when the signs present themselves, addiction is a feat most difficult to climb. You may recognize the risks and changes in yourself, try to stop but find that you’re just unable to quit.

#10. Physical Changes

Addiction can also take its toll physically. Depending on the type of addiction, being aware of the physical impact is another sign. Weight loss, bags under the eyes, markings on the arm, the smell of alcohol on the breath, any sudden or evident change may be sign of other causes.

Whatever the sign, it’s important to seek treatment, and stop fighting addiction alone. If you or a loved one needs any additional assistance with addiction treatment services, please reach out to Long Island Center for Recovery at 800-344-5427 and we’d be happy to assist you or your loved ones in any way possible.

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