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Long Island Drum & Music Therapy For Addiction

“Drumming out Drugs”

Drum therapy is an increasingly popular form of music therapy that is utilized as an alternative complementary therapy at Long Island Center for Recovery. Drumming has the unique potential to enhance the process of recovery by inducing relaxation along with enhancing theta-wave production and brain-wave synchronization. Drum therapy sessions often begin by participants connecting with the rhythm of their own heartbeat, eventually synthesizing that rhythm with the sound of the beating drums.

Drum therapy, like other music therapies, provides individuals with a secular pathway toward achieving a sense of spiritual connection. Recovering individuals are provided an opportunity to begin their healing despite difficulties verbally communicating. After participating in drumming exercises, individuals often report feeling a spiritual connection more significant than experienced prior. Individuals have reported feeling both relief and gratitude, accompanied by tears of both joy and sadness. By providing our clients with musical therapy such as drumming, we are able to provide them with a medium in which they can enhance their ability to communicate beyond traditional talk therapy.

Benefits of Drum Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Drumming therapy contributes a unique, multi-dimensional addition to our addiction treatment program.  Drumming offers various beneficial assets to the therapeutic process that may often be absent from traditional talk therapies. Examples of such would include self-expression, active participation, imagination, and mind-body connections.  In addition to providing a safe outlet for clients to express painful emotions and incentivize engagement in treatment, drumming therapy assists clients in the recovery process by:

  • promoting a sense of spiritual connection
  • creating a sense of “connectedness” with self and others
  • providing them a medium for release of emotional trauma
  • providing them a medium for stress and anxiety reduction
  • reducing their feelings of isolation
  • increasing their positive emotions
  • promoting relaxation

Every individual has the potential to benefit from an increased connection with self; including the mind, the body, and the spirit.  Drumming allows individuals in treatment a unique opportunity to begin this journey.

For additional information about Drumming Therapy offered at Long Island Center for Recovery, please contact us.

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