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At Long Island Center for Recovery we will likely begin the Inpatient Treatment services with drug or alcohol detox, but this is only the first step towards a sober life. Clients will have the best chance of reaching their goals with the support of group activities where they will be surrounded by people and peers from similar walks of life, dealing with similar situations of addiction.

LICR Groups

First Responders & Military Groups

Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) offers specialized addiction treatment and therapy resources for first responder professionals such as law enforcement, firefighters, military, Veterans, EMT’s and Correctional officers.

Gamblers Anonymous Group

At the Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR), gambling addiction groups are held as therapy for those individuals faced with gambling addiction.

LGBTQ Pride Group

The Long Island Center for Recovery is conveniently located in Suffolk County New York, and holds PRIDE Group once a week for our residents who identify as part of the LGBTQ community.

Union/Labor Group

At Long Island Center for Recovery, we recognize this and have put in place a union workers group, LICR’s “LIGHTHOUSE” Group for union/labor workers.

Women's Group

LICR offers a specialized women’s group for women addiction treatment services.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational sound therapy is one of those many techniques researched at Long Island Center for Recovery, and we are honored to share the details behind this unique program in a joint effort toward rebuilding your life in sobriety.
Biosound Serenity Bed

Biosound Serenity Bed

At Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR), we offer Biosound® Therapy delivers synchronized vibrational frequencies along with precisely choreographed imagery and music.

Meditation Practice

Meditation for addiction along with yoga, is one of the most practiced holistic therapies offered at comprehensive addiction treatment facilities such as Long Island Center for Recovery.

Yoga Practice

At the Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) we offer yoga for addiction treatment, it fits as a natural companion to the 12-Step based recovery program, sharing many of the same goals such as self-acceptance and the importance of ‘staying in the moment.’

Drum Therapy

Drum therapy is an increasingly popular form of music therapy that is utilized as an alternative complementary therapy at Long Island Center for Recovery.

Fire Pit Ceremonies

At Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR), we offer monthly spiritual fire pit ceremonies to all clients in treatment.

Additional Therapies

Alternative Therapies are an integral part of the Long Island Center for Recovery’s addiction treatment programs. This treatment approach involves the utilization of art, music, writing and Reiki energy therapy.

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