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At Long Island Center for Recovery we will likely begin the Inpatient Treatment services with drug or alcohol detox, but this is only the first step towards a sober life. Clients will have the best chance of reaching their goals with the support of holistic and traditional therapies for addiction treatment. Clients will both choose and be recommended a selection of therapies based on their individual needs.

LICR Therapies

Individual Therapy

At the Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR), individual therapy is a common therapeutic approach utilized in our Long Island based inpatient addiction treatment programs.

Group Therapy

At Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR), we offer group therapy, where recovering individuals learn that they are not alone and that someone else may have already worked through a problem that is confronting them now.

Trauma Therapy

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Family Therapy

Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) utilizes Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) to treat clients whose addiction recovery is compromised by past trauma.

Relapse Prevention

Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) utilizes Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT), based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, is an addiction treatment therapy approach that helps individuals develop self-control strategies in order to specifically address the problem of relapse in addiction.

12 Step Study Group

Long Island Center for Recovery’s Twelve Step study groups serve as a unique model to instill self-change in the recovering individual by first helping him or her understand and admit he/she has an addiction problem that is out of the individual’s control. Twelve Step study group is offered for individuals who are attending our addiction treatment programs, and for individuals in the community who want to take part in this supportive therapeutic service.

Nutritional Counseling

At LICR, we are committed to providing our clients with the most recent and effective information available on how nutrition can be used to support the client’s therapeutic addiction recovery efforts.

Recreational Counseling

Recreational Counseling at Long Island Center for Recovery (LICR) plays an important role in addiction treatment.

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