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Union/Labor Workers Group For Workers Facing Addiction In Long Island, New York

Lighthouse Group - LICR Union/Labor WorkersUnion and labor workers face their own unique challenges with addiction. At Long Island Center for Recovery, we recognize this and have put in place a union workers group, LICR’s “LIGHTHOUSE” Group for union/labor workers. The local Long Island Union/Labor workers group that meets twice a week, for all Union/Labor workers who are in addiction treatment.

The focus of this union workers group is to let clients have a safe, trusting space to discuss job-related stressors, culture, and norms, as well as how these factors have played a role in their Substance Use and Mental Health issues. This group helps clients explore their work-life dynamics, and bridge them going back to their previous jobs, now sober, while giving them space to process any concerns regarding this transition. The group is led by fellow Union Member Counselors.

For additional information about our Lighthouse Group meetings, please contact us.

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