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Many thanks to all of our alumni for sharing their recovery successes with us by posting on-line reviews. Your feedback make us better in our mission to provide help to individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction recovery.

LICR is an amazing facility for someone who is truly looking to recover from addiction. The staff is beyond outstanding; they are kind, compassionate, funny, and full of knowledge. The grounds, both inside and out, are immaculate. Every meal was truly delicious. Most importantly, they schedule a daily program that is extremely well rounded which gives you all the tools you need to be successful in your sobriety. Best decision of my life. I’ll always be grateful for LICR and the service they provide. — Cheryl V.
Licr is definitely the the best rehab in the state. The food is absolutely amazing big props to Jon and everyone else in the kitchen, they really do an amazing job. They have a very good schedule with plenty of programs and the counselors are great too. Greg and diedra are the best as long as you follow the rules and really are ready and wanting to get sober then I would say go here and recommend to anyone you know with a problem. Thanks licr for the amazing stay! Thanks for saving my life. — Andrew F.
LICR is a Godsend! Has saved the lives of many, and done so with class and a level of personal attention above and beyond that of anywhere else! — Jenna T.
LICR is an incredible facility. I recently left and I only have positive things to say. Everyone employed there is in recovery and truly honor the principles of service to others. Brook was so helpful regarding my admission. Nursing staff was attentive. The food was never repetitive and honestly better than many restaurants I've been to. The counselor's truly cared, especially Deirdre. She is special. Yoga and RRT with Karen were unforgettable and instrumental in many ways. Zenus was able to get me into my preferred housing even quicker than expected and worked hard doing it. The ride to my next step was even pleasant. I highly recommend this place for anyone unfortunately in need of a facility like this. — John M.
17 years ago I started my journey of sobriety here. I was not always impressed with their methods. I was not always happy or comfortable. They were not always what I expected, they didn't always give me what I wanted. Ah... but the things that I didn't know they were giving me were the tools to stay sober , the ability to be responsible for my own actions. They taught me how to live sober . They taught me to help other addicts and alcoholics because that is the strongest tool we have is the gift of self. They taught me that I would never be given more than I could handle and that thought and urges pass and that most of all I didn't have to live the life of active addiction ever again. I owe them my life. — Franklin C.
I was their February 2006 and the first 2 weeks I became a totally different person respecting myself and my life and family. The group therapy sessions are phenomenal and the counselors are intelligent and they cannot be fooled which is exactly what you need if you really want the knowledge of substance abuse and how it can easily control you if you let it. This is the place where you really need to focus on your life and well being. Trust me it works well plus the rooms are clean and comfortable and they feed you like a movie star. Snacks are always available. I ask all of you to really take it seriously if you want to be normal again and healthy and their Staff will always be able to help the best way they can. Blessings to all of you and be strong for yourself as I am presently. Addiction can be controlled with the changes you'll make. More power to you all. — Raphael S.

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