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quitting alcohol cold turkey
Alcohol Detox

Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

Alcohol remains one of the most dangerous substances in the United States. Over 178,000 people die every year from an alcohol related cause, making it one of the five leading contributors of preventable death in the United States. With facts like these, time is of the essence when it comes to kicking the habit and […]

Meth Cut With MSM – Are There Hidden Dangers?
Addiction Treatment

Are There Hidden Dangers When Meth Is Cut With MSM

The use of crystal meth as a recreational substance is a highly dangerous and risk activity. Those afflicted with meth addiction will seek help, treatment, and freedom they deserve when the time is right, however, clients seeking meth addiction treatment have asked what the dangers are from use of meth that has been cut with […]

10 signs of addiction
Addiction Treatment

10 Signs Of Addiction

The complex of addiction is vast. In truth, a person can become addicted to just about anything. If a strong physical or psychological urge persists towards a particular act or action, despite its effects, then we have addiction, and it presents it’s self in a multitude of ways; substance use disorder, gambling addiction, internet addiction, […]

what alcohol does to your kidneys
Addiction Treatment

How Does Alcohol Affect Kidneys – Long Island Center for Recovery

Gone are the days where commonly used substances like alcohol can be considered non-harmful. We know consuming alcohol is not good for health related reasons, but far less discussions have been had around the type of harm alcohol causes and effects on our bodies. Long Island Center For Recovery (LICR) is open to discussing these […]

Emergency Fentanyl Plan
Addiction Treatment

Emergency Fentanyl Plan – Test Kit & Naloxone – Long Island Center for Recovery

The surmounting deaths from drug overdoses in our country continue to grow at an alarming rate. Nearly 110,000 people have died due to a drug overdose in the past year alone, but with the proper steps, precautions, and resources available, not all, but at least some lives might yet be spared. In no way does […]

Understanding Transfer Addiction After Weight Loss Surgery
Addiction Treatment

Understanding Transfer Addiction After Weight Loss Surgery

Food addiction is just as afflicting and debilitating as any other destructive addiction or habit. It takes away from individuals’ quality of life, and sadly end lives far sooner than they should. One positive variance that exists for those plagued by food addiction is bariatric surgery. Those overcome by weight and food addiction can physically […]

the history of opioids
Addiction Treatment

The History of Opioids and The Growth of The Opioid Epidemic

The opioid addiction epidemic in the United States has been well documented over the last several years. It’s unfortunate that something with what started as good intentions has now pained so many lives. In the following article, LICR will provide an overview of the history of opioids, the current epidemic we find ourselves in, and […]

Addiction Treatment

The Most Addictive Foods In America – What Causes Food Addiction

Food finds itself in difficult position when considered for addiction. In some circles, with obesity steadily increasing and the lethality of its affliction, how could the excess consumption of food not be recognized as an addiction? In other circles, human as a species need food and sustenance to survive, so how can its consumption be […]

mental health and addiction
Addiction Treatment

The Correlation Between Mental Health and Addiction

There is an undeniable correlation between mental health disorders and addiction, and why wouldn’t there be? These two areas share a common link in the chemical imbalance and brain functions which present challenges shared across each groups. A few statistics which help to underpin these correlations lie in a study where it was discovered that […]

Addiction Treatment

What Causes Drug Addiction? – Long Island Center For Recovery

What causes drug addiction? If the answer was a simple one, addiction wouldn’t afflict so many people each and every day. Addiction is complex, and the many forms of addiction; drugs, alcohol, gambling and others all have their own entanglements which ensnare those caught in addictions mighty web, but today we will focus on drug […]

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