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Addiction Treatment Center in New York

LICR understands when it comes to substance abuse treatment there have always been many choices available. With at least 830 addiction treatment centers in New York, we know that the research process itself can be overwhelming. Additionally, bad publicity in the national media surrounding unethical rehab operators, has left many wondering where to turn to for treatment?

The bad publicity, unfortunately, has lumped the good and reputable addiction treatment centers in New York together with the ones that truly deserve to be singled out for bad practices. Unfortunately, all these factors have had negative impact on the addiction and overdose situation in our country to the point that many families are unsure how to find the treatment that their loved ones desperately need.

United States is losing close to 150 lives a day due to heroin/opioids epidemic. More than ever we need addiction treatment professionals to provide effective treatment to seemingly ever increasing number of struggling individuals with this disease.

The scrutiny on the bad actors and the legal actions on the operators of unethical facilities is welcome. Let’s hope this will clear the industry of the tarnished reputation caused by few.

Our treatment facility, LICR, has been operating as an ethical addiction treatment facility since 1995. We invite you to visit our addiction treatment center in New York and inquire about our programs. To learn more about us please visit our history page.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center in New York

Latest Treatment Modalities

#1. At our drug and alcohol rehab center believe in the latest treatment modalities in the field of addiction treatment and we include them in all our treatment plans. Unlike other rehab centers, we’re not content to merely offer 30 day treatment and then turn clients back out on the streets with no skills in place to prevent relapse. We provide a wide spectrum of services, treatments and programs designed to teach the necessary skills to help clients recover. In addition to our regular group sessions, we offer specialized therapeutic services delivered in small group settings to  Union Labor WorkersWomenMilitary Members, First Responders and Compulsive Gamblers. The treatment methods utilized within these small therapeutic groups are designed to reflect the culture-specific needs of these communities.

Addiction Treatment Affordability

#2. LICR strives to provide effective addiction treatment and make recovery possible for many who are in need of treatment. Our rehab center accepts most popular insurance plans such as Workforce, Aetna, Cigna and Oxford among others (Click here for complete list). Understanding insurance covered services is not an easy task, but you can count on us for information and guidance for the best course of action. Our knowledgeable staff understands insurance regulations and rules regarding detox and therapeutic drug and alcohol treatment services. With our client’s permission we contact the insurance companies and negotiate treatment benefits. In addition, we provide private pay arrangements to those who qualify.

Complementary Therapies

#3. In addition to evidence based clinical program we offer complementary therapies such as: creative writing with poetry workshops, art and equine therapy. These alternative therapies are designed to help recovering individuals reconnect with their creativity and passions. Our complementary therapies therapies help individuals in recovery feel better about themselves. How a person feels play an important part in how they cope.

If you would like more information about our addiction treatment center in New York, please call us at 800.344.5427. All calls are confidential. Same day evaluation appointments may be available and special situation admissions can be accommodated.

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